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Wall Painting

Mural Art Projects – Wall Painting

A mural is artwork painted directly onto a wall. Mural paintings are characterized by the use of the architectural elements in a given space. It’s possible to  paint on any wall, whether indoors or outdoors. For example; houses, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, fitness centers, schools, offices etc. According to scientific research viewing art, especially positive images and paintings, increases happy hormons like; serotonin, dopamine, ocytocine, and endorphin. These are hormones that are known to promote positive feelings like pleasure, happiness, and even love. They boost energy, motivate and inspire. 

Loving the Nature

This mural art was painted on the wall of a vegan cafe. It is a mural of a girl cuddling animals and surrounded by vegatables and fruits. This composition was inspired and modified from one painting. On the other side of the wall there are pumpkins – It complements the cafe’s name perfectly, capturing the beauty and simplicity of the “Pumpkin Cafe.”

The Lovely Gıraffe

This indoor mural art connects the dining room and living room of an apartment. The composition was designed to look like part of the room. The giraffe looks content, happily peeking out from behind the kitchen’s monstera paintings. These painted plants appear to grow from behind the door.

The Beer’s Story with a Whale

This is a mural painted on the wall of a bar. The bar is in the old town in the city of Antalya. It is in a popular area for tourism, and many visitors to Turkey go their to drink beer. The painting is inspired by the Mediterannean Sea where the place “Küçük Bi’yer”  is located, and it also includes the bar’s logo on the top.

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