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Ezgi Bilgin & EB Art Collection

About Ezgi Bilgin

Ezgi Bilgin (1989) is an artist born and raised in Antalya, Turkey. She studied ten years in Istanbul and in the USA for two years. She gratuated with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts, and gained a degree in Art Management. She went on to get an M.F.A. in Visual Arts and a second M.F.A in Art and Design. Her thesis topic was The Effect of Art Therapy on the Quality of Life in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy. She wrote a varitey of articles about art therapy through her academic years, and currently doing her P.H.D. in Art and Design. She invested a lot of time as a an art therapy volunteer with refugees, disabled patients, kids with autism spectrum disorder, and other special needs individuals. She started her professional art career very young, selling her own creations from the time she was 10-years-old, and in 2009 she had her first art exhibition in a contemporary art gallery in Istanbul. She spent many years on the road, and gained much of her inspiration from these experiences. Bilgin’s work has been defined by more than one language, more than one culture, and more than one history. As an artist her process is focused on highlighting the relation of individuals and animals within their shared world. She paints endangered animals, various ecosystems and landscapes, and nature in all of it’s hues. Her painting style is expressionist, impressionist, abstract, surrealist or the mood of the moment. She works on canvas, paper, and wood and she is proficient in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencils, markers and other forms of original prints. “As an artist, you aim to create and innovate. However, I also believe in simple but powerful artwork. The composition should be able to express something and the material and techniques you choose must fit in with that thought process. I’ve always searched for this sensitive balance between realistic and abstract expression, and I make it my ambition to get as close to this as possible.” Ezgi Bilgin. Her works are featured in collections all over the world, such as the USA, Europe, South America, South Africa, the UK, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, and many more. Her art has truly made it to the four corners of the world.


(2020) Akdeniz University, Art and Design (PhD-Continues)
(2019) Suleyman Demirel University, Art and Design (MFA)
(2014) Yeditepe University, Plastic Arts (MFA)
(2012) Yeditepe University, Art Management (BFA)

The collection include artwork created over the course of her entire life, which enables you to find all different styles, categories, and techniques from different stages of life. Just like her online retrospective exhibition, it is possible to see how she has improved her artistic experiments and how she has grown as an artist over the past 25 years. You can also participate in some social responsibility projects by purchasing art from the site. Please follow, enjoy, and visit this site whenever you like!

Art helps us to find ourselves. Art is a type of therapy. The goal of art aims is for people to express themselves and uncover their emotions using various mediums of art as a tool of recovery.

Art helps us to find ourselves. Art is a type of therapy. The goal of art aims is for people to express themselves and uncover their emotions using various mediums of art as a tool of recovery.

Art is crucial for denoting the quality of a venue. Interiors of hotels, apartments, houses, offices, restaurants and cafes can use art work for to upgrade their establishments and gain a more sophisticated look.

A mural is artwork painted directly onto a wall. Mural paintings are characterized by the use of the architectural elements in a given space. It’s possible to  paint on any wall, whether indoors or outdoors.

Ezgi has worked on social projects since she was in high school. When she was 16 her first project was at Akdeniz University, a collaboration with the Akdeniz Association for the Mentally and Physically Disabled.

Ezgi Bilgin’s studio has always been both home and workshop, and still is. She believes an artist is an artist 24/7. While sleeping, thinking, cooking, cleaning, playing with her cat, meeting with friends, teaching, and painting, an artist must never cease to dream and create.