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Social Projects

Ezgi has worked on social projects since she was in high school. When she was 16 her first project was at Akdeniz University, a collaboration with the Akdeniz Association for the Mentally and Physically Disabled. She volunteered as a sports and art coach. She loved working with kids and helping them grow and develop on their individual journeys. Since that time she has continued to keep volunteering an important part of her life.  These social responsibility projects were mostly for people who had special needs, such as the physically or mentally disabled, refugees, and various other situations. You can see details in the pictures below.


She is open to any invitation for different projects. If you would like to collabrate or be a sponsor she can develop new projects, manage and support. Please contact:

The MesopotamIa CIrcus and Street Arts FestIval

The Mesopotamia Circus and Street Arts Festival projected by the Mardin and Cultural Association in collabration with GAP (The Southeastern Anatolia Project), UNICEF and Turkish Development Foundation. Volunteers performed circus, street arts, visual arts, music and some activities, and games. Bilgin worked as an art trainer and brought smiles to the  young people and children. She was volunteer in this project in  2015

Art for Special Needs Individuals

Exposure to visual arts and creative activities creates positive brain changes. In many reports art and creativity change the brain, improve wellness, and quality of life. In this use as a therapeutic tool, art is able to help people especially for special needs individuals. She worked as a volunteer art trainer and art therapist for some different projects in different collabrations; museums, foundations, projects, schools and others.

She believes that; “Goodness will save the world, love will save us.”

Bakus Stage & Workshop

Bakus Stage & Workshop; A common place in Antalya that has been combining those who produce in the fields of science, art, philosophy, theater, cinema and ecology for a long time. In Bacus Art and Cultural Center, Ezgi presented a seminar about art therapy. She is going to have different art workshops soon in Bacus. If you are in Antalya, you can ask to  to register her oilpaint workshops for children and adults.

For more information please contact